Teachers at Bamboo Fitness

Crystal Palace London

Hannah Robertson

One of Hannah’s first memories is being on a yoga mat with her Mum at around 4 years old. It took until the later stages of secondary school for her to find yoga again. During drama school she started practicing more regularly and finally found Ashtanga not long after graduation. After practising pure Ashtanga for a few years she ventured into other Dynamic forms and Iyengar. Eventually finding time to study as a Yoga teacher in 2010 Hannah has been thoroughly enjoying learning from students and helping them through practice ever since.

Hannah still performs and has enjoyed lead roles in Mamma Mia and The Mousetrap more recently. However yoga is a grounding force in Hannah’s life. It keeps her healthy and inspired in body, mind and spirit.




It's a little grey in London today... ☁️🌧☁️ Come and join us at Bamboo! Fact - Exercise is a mood changer. 💪🏻💪🏻
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