Hot Yoga

Your guide to Hot Yoga – Flow

Hot Yoga – Flow

Once you’ve mastered Hot Yoga basics it’s time to develop and deepen your practice with Hot Yoga Flow. This dynamic class weaves and links your standing postures together in a seamless flow. Your core strength is challenged in the intricate transitions, your flexibility deepened by the introduction of binds and your balance and strength further developed with the increased pace of flowing sequences.

This practice keeps your mind interested, body challenged and practice ever evolving. More advanced asana are progressively taught and variations given.

Level: For those with some Yoga experience (Not for complete beginners).

What you need:

  • We provide Yoga mats but feel free to bring your own.
  • A towel to lay on top of your mat (Yes you will sweat that much!)
  • Water – Make sure you’re hydrated before coming to class, during the class drink little and often.